Have you finished your cold weather checklist?

Cold weather, check. Blazing crackling fire, check. Port, check check.

Cold weather, check. Blazing crackling fire, check. Port, check check.

Ahh… the first truly cold night of the fall is slated to occur midweek. And there’s not much of a better matchup for the chill in the air than a warm fire and a bottle of good Port.

A visit last week from Mizz Jackson and her Man, presented us with the impetus to stoke the old outdoor fire pit and uncork a bottle of Warre’s Otima 10 year Tawny Port. The light honey notes of the Otima were rounded out with a simple butterscotch finish, making the Port a great post-game wrap up. Which is exactly what you’ll need to do this week- wrap up, because it’s getting cold quick. And a little Port wouldn’t hurt either.


____ Baby it’s cold outside!

____ The fire pit is lit

____ Coat, blanket and a baldman’s lid

____ Port Wine prescription

Cheap Port & Cheese Cake

I have your next cheesecake companion: a slightly chilled, nutty and inexpensive Tawny Port.

A typical blend of half a dozen or more Portuguese grapes, the Porto Cruz Tawny is a lighter style, dessert friendly Port with aromas of fruitcake and caramel. There’s not too many competitors lining the shelf in that magical $10-$15 price range, so feel safe in giving it a whirl this holiday or into the winter season.

Remember that Port is also great with a woodblock of assorted cheeses, nuts, figs and dates. Cheers!

Simple everyday Tawny Port

Quick, while the weather is nasty and cold, log up the fireplace, turn down the lights, scroll the iPod over to some Charlie Parker or Sonny Rollins, kick back and start sipping on a little port wine. Port wine seems to be one of those seasonal drinks that we enjoy in the cold months of winter. Besides the bottom shelf cooking port or the ruby port you might have sampled at communion, tawny port is another affordable everyday port that offers a higher quality and sense of enjoyment. Recently, I was fortunate enough to sample and compare a host of tawny ports with three witty, intelligent and beautiful ladies. We found some interesting discoveries and agreed upon the following recommendations.

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